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Product NameSizePrice
Active C Eyes 15 mlUS$28.89
Advil Extra Strength 16 capletsUS$4.59
Advil Extra Strength 32 capletsUS$8.02
Advil Extra Strength 72 capletsUS$13.06
Agarol 250 millilitersUS$7.92
Agarol 500millilitersUS$13.71
Allegra 120mg 18 TabletsUS$22.22
Allegra 120mg 90 TabletsUS$78.78
Allegra 60mg 36 TabletsUS$25.25
Allegra 120mg 36 TabletsUS$36.36
Allegra 60mg 24 tablets US$20.20
Allegra 60mg 72 TabletsUS$42.42
Allegra 60mg 96 TabletsUS$56.56
Allegra D -Due to nature of drug, we do not sell  US$0.00
Anthelios XL Face Stick SPF 60 9 gramsUS$28.60
Anthelios XL SPF 60 100mL US$34.10
Anthelios XL Spray SPF 45 NEW!!! 200ml (7oz+!)US$35.10
AOSEPT CLEAR CARE 360ml 12oz.US$10.68
Ascensia Contour Next Glucose Meter 1 EachUS$48.00
Ascensia Contour Test Strips 100 EachUS$83.00
Aspirin Children's Chewables 81mg 24 tabletsUS$3.99
Aspirin Enteric Coated 81mg 180 tabletsUS$37.30
Aspirin Enteric Coated 81mg 30 TabletsUS$18.90
Aspirin Enteric Coated 81mg 120 tabletsUS$32.00
Autohelios 100ml 3 oz(100mL)US$18.35
Aveeno Anti-Itch Lotion 118 millilitersUS$20.00
Aveeno Sooth Baby Bath Treatment 100 gramsUS$18.00
Beano 30tabletsUS$15.50
Beano 60tabletsUS$20.75
Benadryl Elixir 120 millilitersUS$20.20
Benadryl Itch Spray 59 millilitersUS$20.20
Benadryl Itch Stick 14mLUS$20.20
Benzac AC 5% 60 gramsUS$11.99
Benzac W Gel 5% 60 gramsUS$19.99
Benzac W Wash 5% 225 gramsUS$16.70
Benzagel 5 60 gramsUS$12.20
Benzagel 5 30 gramsUS$7.17
Boots No. 7 Protect & Perfect Beauty Serumx1 30mL bottleUS$44.99
Boots No. 7 Protect & Perfect x 3 Limited SupplyUS$59.00
Buckleys Bedtime 100 millilitersUS$18.18
Buckleys Complete Mucous Relief 250mLUS$30.00
Buckleys Complete Syrup 150 millilitersUS$27.00
Buckleys DM -Due to nature of drug, we do not sell 0US$0.00
Buckleys Mixture 100 millilitersUS$18.00
Buckleys Mixture 200US$25.00
Capital Soliel Mexoryl 45 XL Over 5 Ounces! 150mL (5.2 oz)US$35.77
Centrum 100 tabletsUS$29.00
Centrum for Women 60 tabletsUS$29.20
Cepacol Lozenges Honey & Lemon 16 tabletsUS$16.00
Cepacol Lozenges Sugar Free Lemon 16 tabletsUS$16.00
Clarinex / Aerius 5 mg 30 tabletsUS$45.00
Clarinex / Aerius 5 mg 90 tabletsUS$109.00
Claritin 10 mg 40 tabletsUS$44.00
Claritin 10 mg 30 tabletsUS$36.50
Claritin 10 mg 20 tabletsUS$29.20
Claritin 10 mg 10 tabletsUS$21.70
Claritin 10mg Rapid Dissolve 30 TabletsUS$29.77
Claritin Axeleris 8 tabletsUS$10.91
Claritin Axeleris 12 tabletsUS$16.27
Claritin Skin Itch Cream 20 gramsUS$6.42
Claritin Syrup 100 mlUS$9.41
Claritin Syrup 240 mlUS$19.80
Cold FX (150 Capsules) 150 CapsulesUS$62.16
Cold Fx Extra Strength 100 CapsulesUS$60.10
Combantrin 12 tabletsUS$29.75
Combantrin Suspension(Out of Stock) 50 millilitersUS$17.45
Complex 15 Body Lotion 300 millilitersUS$32.32
Complex 15 Face Cream 100 millilitersUS$32.32
DuoLube Eye Ointment 3.5gramsUS$15.50
Effaclar H 1.35 Fl.oz./40mlUS$19.97
Effaclar K 30 mLUS$20.39
Emla Cream 30 g US$78.55
Eno Regular 200gramsUS$5.78
Entex LA 16 tabletsUS$11.77
Eurax Cream 50 gramsUS$25.59
Excedrin 500mg 30 capletsUS$3.74
Fishermans Friend Lemon Sucrose Free 1 Box (24 packs)US$55.00
Fishermans Friend Mint Sucrose Free 1 Box (24 packs)US$55.00
Fishermans Friend Original Extra Strong 16X22 lozengesUS$55.00
Fishermans Friend Regular 1 Box (24packs)US$55.00
Fishermans Friend Sugar Free Cherry 1 Box (24packs)US$55.00
Fishermans Friend Sugar Free Citrus 1 Box (24 packs)US$55.00
Gas X Extra Strength 18 tabletsUS$5.67
Gas X Extra Strength Chewable Cherry 18 tabletsUS$5.67
Gas X Regular 36 tabletsUS$7.38
Gas X Super Extra Strength 30 capsulesUS$7.38
Genteal Artifical Tears 15millilitersUS$20.00
Genteal Artificial Tears Gel 10millilitersUS$22.00
Genteal Gel SALE!! 10 millilitersUS$9.99
Glaxal Base Cream 50 gramsUS$7.99
Glaxal Base Cream 100 gramsUS$11.99
Glaxal Base Lotion 227 gramsUS$13.99
Glaxal Base Lotion 100 gramsUS$9.99
Gravol 15mg Chewables 12 tabletsUS$25.20
Gravol 50mg Tablets 30 tabletsUS$33.40
Gravol 50mg Tablets 8 tabletsUS$17.10
Gravol Adult 100mg Suppositories 10 suppositoriesUS$22.00
Gravol Baby 25mg 10 suppositoriesUS$20.00
Gravol Chewables 50mg 8 tabletsUS$18.00
Gravol Ginger Chewable Lozenges 20 lozengesUS$20.20
Gravol LA 100mg Caplets 24 capletsUS$40.30
Gravol LA 100mg Caplets 8 capletsUS$18.70
Gravol Liquid 75 mlUS$20.40
Gravol Natural Source 100 tabletsUS$105.04
Gravol Natural Source Tablets 20 tabletsUS$20.20
Habitrol  US$28.91
Habitrol  US$28.91
Habitrol  US$28.91
Herbacin Kamille Soft Hand Cream Unscented 75 millilitersUS$16.00
Hydranorme Cream 40 millilitersUS$19.05
Hydraphase Eyes LA 15mlUS$35.00
Imodium Quick Dissolve 10 tabletsUS$10.91
Ipecac Syrup USP 30mlUS$14.99
Jamieson Bilberry Softgel 60 capletsUS$25.50
Jamieson Calcium Citrate with Vitamin D 120 tabletsUS$13.60
Jamieson Calcium Magnesium Bonus Size 100 BONUS Tablets!US$10.99
Jamieson Calcium Magnesium with D 100 capletsUS$10.99
Jamieson Calcium Magnesium with Zinc 100 tabletsUS$22.00
Jamieson Chelated Chromium 100 capletsUS$8.24
Jamieson Chewable Calcium 350mg 100 tabletsUS$6.42
Jamieson Co Enzyme Q10 60 capsulesUS$27.51
Jamieson Coral Calcium with D 100 tabletsUS$17.23
Jamieson Echinacea 1200mg 120 capsulesUS$9.63
Jamieson Echinacea Purpurea 350mg 90 capsulesUS$7.49
Jamieson Ester C 60 tabletsUS$14.23
Jamieson Ginkgo Biloba 2000mg 60+30 60+30US$17.40
Jamieson Glucosamine Chondroitin Sulfate 900mg 180 capsulesUS$40.00
Jamieson Glucosamine Shelfish Free 750mg 150 capsulesUS$28.00
Jamieson Glucosamine Sulfate 500mg 360 capsulesUS$36.00
Jamieson Grape Seed Extract 60 tabletsUS$22.16
Jamieson Herbal Relax & Sleep 60 capsulesUS$27.00
Jamieson Korean Red Ginseng 100 capsulesUS$19.99
Jamieson Magnesium 100mg 100 tabletsUS$22.00
Jamieson Magnesium 250mg 90 tabletsUS$24.00
Jamieson Magnesium 50mg 100 tabletsUS$20.15
Jamieson Mega Vim 60 caplets +20 extraUS$36.00
Jamieson Milk Thistle 60 capsulesUS$12.84
Jamieson Niacin & Inositol Flush Free 60 capsulesUS$13.38
Jamieson Odorless Garlic 500mg 300 capsulesUS$25.00
Jamieson Pacific Kelp 100 tabletsUS$7.93
Jamieson Prenatal Multivitamins 100 capletsUS$26.00
Jamieson Selenium Yeast 100mcg 100 tabletsUS$8.24
Jamieson Selenium Yeast 50mcg 100 tabletsUS$7.38
Jamieson Selenium Yeast Free 50mcg 60 tabletsUS$8.24
Jamieson Siberian Ginseng 100 capletsUS$13.70
Jamieson St. Johns Wort 60 tabletsUS$11.02
Jamieson St. Johns Wort Maximum 60 tabletsUS$13.81
Jamieson Stamina 100 capletsUS$26.00
Jamieson Super Garlic Oil 100 capsulesUS$24.00
Jamieson Super Vita Vim 90 capletsUS$25.00
Jamieson Vita Basic 90 capsulesUS$8.34
Jamieson Vita Vim Senior 50+ 90 capletsUS$24.00
Jamieson Vitamin A 10.000IU 100 capsulesUS$18.00
Jamieson Vitamin A&D Fortified 100 capsulesUS$5.56
Jamieson Vitamin B Complex +C 100 CapletsUS$22.00
Jamieson Vitamin B Complex 50mg 90 CapletsUS$23.00
Jamieson Vitamin B Complex 75mg 90 CapletsUS$27.00
Jamieson Vitamin B Complex Time Released 100mg 90 CapletsUS$26.00
Jamieson Vitamin B1 100 tabletsUS$7.77
Jamieson Vitamin B12 100mcg 100 tabletsUS$11.40
Jamieson Vitamin B12 1200mcg Timed Release 60 tabletsUS$13.40
Jamieson Vitamin B12 250mcg 100 tabletsUS$12.20
Jamieson Vitamin B2 100mg 100 tabletsUS$7.38
Jamieson Vitamin B3 Niacin 500mg 100 capletsUS$6.42
Jamieson Vitamin B6 100mg 100 tabletsUS$7.38
Jamieson Vitamin B6 250mg 100 tabletsUS$11.88
Jamieson Vitamin B6 50mg 100 tabletsUS$5.56
Jamieson Vitamin C 1000mg 100 capletsUS$9.31
Jamieson Vitamin C 500mg 100 capletsUS$5.56
Jamieson Vitamin C Chewable Grape 500mg 100 tabletsUS$20.00
Jamieson Vitamin C Chewable Orange 500mg 100 Chewable TabletsUS$20.00
Jamieson Vitamin C Chewable Wild Blueberry 500mg 100 +20 tablet BONUS!US$20.00
Jamieson Vitamin C Grape 500mg Bonus Size! 100 Tablets + 20!US$11.40
Jamieson Vitamin C Timed Release 1000mg 100 CapletsUS$24.00
Jamieson Vitamin C Timed Release 500mg 100 CapletsUS$21.00
Jamieson Vitamin D 1000IU 240 tabletsUS$22.00
Jamieson Vitamin E Natural 400IU 100 CapsulesUS$29.50
Jamieson Vitamin E Natural Source 800IU 50 Softgel CapsulesUS$31.00
Jamieson Vitamin E 100IU 100 tabletsUS$9.99
Jamieson Vitamin E 200IU 100 Softgel CapsuleUS$24.10
Jamieson Vitamin E Pure Oil 28000IU 28 mlUS$24.00
Jamieson VitaVim Regular 90 tabletsUS$25.00
Jamieson Zinc Lozenges with C 60 tabletsUS$11.50
Jolen Cream Bleach 28 gramsUS$5.56
Jolen Cream Bleach 141 gramsUS$10.27
Ketostix 50 eachUS$9.63
Kinerase Cream 0.1% 80 gmUS$117.09
Kinerase Cream 0.1% 40 gmUS$74.25
Kinerase Intensive Eye Cream 20gmUS$54.99
Kinerase Lotion 0.1% 40 gmUS$74.25
Kinerase Lotion 0.1% 80 gmUS$117.09
Labello (Bought By Nivea) Milk & Honey 4.8 gramsUS$2.99
Labello(Bought by Nivea Medicated) Soothing Care 24x4.8 gramsUS$53.00
Labello(Bought by Nivea) For Men 4.8 gramsUS$1.97
Labello(Bought by Nivea) Hydro Care 12x4.8 gramsUS$33.00
Labello(Bought by Nivea) Pearl & Shine 24x4.8 gramsUS$53.00
Labello(Bought by Nivea) UV Care SPF 30 12x4.8 gramsUS$53.00
Labstix 100 EachUS$50.33
LacHydrin Lotion 225 millilitersUS$14.77
Lactaid Extra Strength 40 tabletsUS$10.91
Lactaid Extra Strength 80 tabletsUS$18.20
Lactaid Regular Strength 100 tabletsUS$18.20
Lactaid Ultra 20 tabletsUS$10.91
Lactaid Ultra Chewable Vanilla 10 tabletsUS$6.31
Lactaid Ultra Chewable Vanilla 40 capsUS$18.20
Lakota Arthritis Topical Pain Reliever Roll on 2 FL. OZ./ 88mLUS$26.00
Lakota Back Pain Roll On 3 ouncesUS$28.00
Lakota Extra Strength Topical Pain Reliever 2 FL. OZ./ 57 MLUS$26.00
Lakota Joint Care Formula 60 capsulesUS$24.60
Lakota Joint Care Formula 120 capsulesUS$37.75
Lipikar Surgras Cleansing Bar 150 gramsUS$11.99
Lipikar Syndet Cleansing Gel 200 millilitersUS$12.09
Mazon Cream *Discontinued* 100 gUS$0.00
Mazon Shampoo *Discontinued* 125mlUS$0.00
Mazon Soap *Discontinued* 75 gUS$0.00
Melatonin 3mg EZ Dissolve 90 tabsUS$8.32
NeoStrata Intense Skin Brightener 30mLUS$49.99
Neostrata Vitamin C Cream 30 capsulesUS$29.99
Nicoderm 14 mg 7 PiecesUS$32.12
Nicoderm 14 mg Clear 7 PiecesUS$32.12
Nicoderm 21 mg 7 PiecesUS$32.12
Nicoderm 21 mg 14 PiecesUS$58.89
Nicoderm 21 mg Clear 14 PiecesUS$58.89
Nicoderm 21 mg Clear 7 PiecesUS$32.12
Nicoderm 7 mg 7 piecesUS$32.12
Nicoderm 7 mg Clear 7 piecesUS$32.12
Nicorette 2 mg Coated Ice Mint 105 PiecesUS$53.00
Nicorette 2 mg Fresh Fruit 105 PiecesUS$53.00
Nicorette 2 mg Fresh Mint 105 Pieces US$53.00
Nicorette 2mg Extreme Chill Mint with Whitening 210US$77.00
Nicorette 4 mg Coated Ice Mint 105 PiecesUS$58.00
Nicorette 4 mg Fresh Fruit 105 PiecesUS$58.00
Nicorette 4 mg Fresh Mint 105 PiecesUS$58.00
Nicorette 4 mg Fresh Mint 30 PiecesUS$27.00
Nicorette INHALER 42 Cartridge Pk 42 CartridgesUS$52.10
Nix 5% Dermal Cream 30 gramsUS$19.91
Nix Cream Rinse 59 millilitersUS$9.31
Nizoral Cream 30 GM US$24.09
Nizoral Shampoo 2% 120 ml US$29.90
Nizoral Shampoo 2% 60 ml US$20.60
Novasen 650mg 100 tablets 100 TabletsUS$12.01
Ocuvite Adult 50+ SoftGels 50 softgel capsulesUS$24.00
Ocuvite Regular 60 tabletsUS$20.00
Ombrelle Complete Lotion Extreme SPF 30 120 millilitersUS$26.70
Ombrelle Complete Lotion Extreme SPF 30 240 milliliters (8oz)US$39.00
Ombrelle Complete Lotion SPF 15 120 millilitersUS$26.70
Ombrelle Complete Lotion SPF 15 240 millilitersUS$39.00
Ombrelle Complete Lotion SPF 30 240 milliliters (8oz)US$39.00
Ombrelle Complete Lotion SPF 30 120 milliliters (4oz)US$26.70
Ombrelle Complete Lotion SPF 45 240 millilitersUS$39.00
Ombrelle Complete Lotion SPF 60 240mlUS$39.00
Ombrelle Kids Lotion Milk SPF 60 240mLUS$35.00
Ombrelle Kids Lotion Sensitive Skin SPF 30 120mLUS$28.50
Ombrelle Kids Lotion SPF 30 120 millilitersUS$28.50
Ombrelle Kids Lotion SPF 45 120 millilitersUS$28.50
Ombrelle Kids Lotion SPF f45 240mLUS$35.00
Ombrelle Mexoryl XL Face Cream SPF 60 75mLUS$29.20
Ombrelle Mexoryl XL Face Stick SPF 60 9 gramsUS$29.20
Ombrelle Sport Lotion 45spf 150mLUS$17.99
Ombrelle XL Face Cream 30 SPF 75mLUS$17.33
Ombrelle XL Face Cream 45 SPF 75mLUS$17.33
Omega 3 6 9 Softgels 60 Softgel CapsulesUS$26.60
One A Day Fruiti-ssentials Gummies 60 GummiesUS$22.11
One A Day Men 50+ Plus 90 tabletsUS$22.00
One A Day Mens Formula 90 tabletsUS$22.11
One A Day Women 50 Plus 90 tabletsUS$22.00
One A Day Women 50+ Plus 90 tabletsUS$22.11
Paris Black +1.25 +1.25 StrengthUS$19.99
Pepcid AC 30 tabletsUS$27.14
Pepcid AC Maximum Strength 25 tabletsUS$28.14
Pepcid Complete Chewable Mint 25 tabletsUS$27.14
PostHelios 200mlUS$19.15
Preparation H Cool Gel 25 gramsUS$22.10
Preparation H Cream With BioDyne 50 gramsUS$34.20
Preparation H Cream With BioDyne 25 gramsUS$22.10
Preparation H Ointment with BioDyne 25 gramsUS$21.20
Preparation H Ointment with BioDyne 50 gramsUS$32.40
Preparation H Ointment with BioDyne 75 gramsUS$43.60
Preparation H Suppositories 24 suppositoriesUS$35.00
Preparation H Suppositories 12 suppositoriesUS$22.40
Preparation H Suppositories 48 suppositoriesUS$60.10
ProVitamina Anti-Wrinkle Eye Contour Cream 15 millilitersUS$17.37
Redoxon B Complex Orange 10 tabletsUS$6.11
Redoxon Vitamin C Lemon 10 tabletsUS$5.09
Redoxon Vitamin C Orange 10 tabletsUS$5.09
Resveratrol 60 capsulesUS$28.55
Resveratrol Red Wine Extract SALE! Limited SupplyUS$17.99
Reversa Mild Gel Cleanser 3 in 1 175 millilitersUS$16.38
Robax Platinum 18 capletsUS$13.91
Robax Platinum 40 capletsUS$25.69
Robaxacet 40 tabletsUS$18.20
Robaxacet 18 capletsUS$10.16
Robaxacet 18 TabletsUS$10.16
Robaxacet Extra Strength 18 capletsUS$11.13
Robaxacet Extra Strength 40 capletsUS$19.27
Robaxin 500mg 50 tabletsUS$29.98
Robaxisal 18 capletsUS$10.16
Robaxisal 40 capletsUS$18.20
Robaxisal Extra Strength 18 capletsUS$11.13
Robaxisal Extra Strength 40 capletsUS$19.27
Rosaliac Cream 40ml (1.4 oz) 40ml (1.4 oz)US$22.77
Rosaliac Cream With UV 40ml (1.4 oz) US$23.77
Rub A535 Dual Action Back Patch 4"x 5.5" PatchUS$24.00
Secaris Nasal Gel 30 gramsUS$26.00
Selsun 2.5% 100mL / 3.3 ozUS$10.70
Solarcaine Gel 220mLUS$21.50
Solarcaine Gel with Pure Aloe 110mLUS$20.40
Solarcaine Lotion 170 millilitersUS$20.40
Solarcaine Spray 115gUS$20.40
Strepsils Honey & Lemon 24 tabletsUS$18.20
Tear Gel 10gramsUS$10.06
Tears Naturale II 15millilitersUS$19.10
Tears Naturale II 30millilitersUS$26.13
Tears Plus 15millilitersUS$20.10
Toleriane 200 mLUS$19.99
Transderm-V *Rx Required* 2 discsUS$27.10
Tylenol Extra Strength eZ Tabs 100 tabletsUS$20.25
Unisom 20 capsulesUS$5.88
Unisom 50mg 20 tabletsUS$5.88
Visine Advance Allergy 15millilitersUS$20.00
Visine Advance Cool 15millilitersUS$20.00
Visine Advance True Tears 15millilitersUS$20.00
Visine Allergy 15millilitersUS$18.00
Visine Contact Lens 15millilitersUS$18.00
Visine Original 15millilitersUS$18.00
Visine Workplace 15millilitersUS$18.00
Vitalux S No Beta Carotine 50 tabletsUS$15.99
Vitalux with Lutien 50 tabletsUS$13.99
Vitalux with Lutien Time Released 50 tabletsUS$13.99
Vitamin D3 Chewable 180 Chewable tabletsUS$21.60
Webber Cod Liver Oil 180US$29.29
Zantac 75mg 60 tabletsUS$20.55
Zantac 75mg 4 tabletsUS$2.45
Zantac 75mg 10 tabletsUS$5.56
Zantac 75mg 30 tabletsUS$12.31
Zilactin B Gel 6 gramsUS$20.90
Zilactin Early Relief Cold Sore Gel 6 gramsUS$20.90
Zims Crack Cream Daytime 64 gramsUS$8.66
Zims Crack Creme 60 millilitersUS$8.66
Zyrtec / Generic 10 mg 100 TabletsUS$59.15
Zyrtec / Generic 10 mg 60 tabletsUS$19.27
Zyrtec / Reactine 10 mg 10 tabletsUS$9.63
Zyrtec / Reactine 10 mg 20 tabletsUS$18.20
Zyrtec / Reactine 10 mg 30 tabletsUS$25.69
Zyrtec / Reactine 10 mg 48 tabletsUS$32.99
Zyrtec / Reactine 10 mg 84 TabletsUS$50.99
Zyrtec / Reactine 10 mg 84 TabletsUS$53.54
Zyrtec / Reactine Syrup 100 mlUS$9.84
Zyrtec D -Due to nature of drug, we do not sell  US$0.00
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