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Benzac AC 5%

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Benzac AC is a highly effective bactericidal and anti-inflammatory benzoyl peroxide topical acne medication. It works by drying the acne pimples and helping the skin to peel. It decreases acne bacteria, whiteheads and blackheads, and the amount of oil. Concentration of 5% is available as a gel, and wash.


60 grams


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Improvement in your acne may take several weeks. Continue the Benzac AC treatment regimen recommended by your doctor for the full duration.



Side effects of Benzac AC include dryness, peeling, feeling of warmth, or stinging. These side effects will likely go away while treatment progresses. If they continue or are bothersome, or if you experience excessive itching, burning, tenderness, redness of your skin, or extreme dryness or if you notice any other side effects not listed you should check with your doctor immediately. If a noticable improvement is not achieved, or your condition worsens, check with your doctor. Avoid getting this medication in your eyes, on the inside of your nose or mouth, or on your lips. If eye contact occurs, immediately rinse with cool tap water. Do not use Benzac AC with any other medications, special cleansers, aftershave, or cosmetics on your skin without checking with a physician. Benzac AC may cause increased sensitivity to the sun. Avoid exposure to the sun or sunlamps until you know how your skin will react. Benzac AC may bleach hair and colored fabric. Women planning on becoming pregnant should discuss with a physician the benefits and risks of using this medicine during pregnancy.

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