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Jamieson Calcium Magnesium with D

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In addition to Calcium's role in the formation of bones and tooth enamel, it also activates the enzymes inovolved in fat and protein digestion, in the production of energy, and is involved in blood clotting and the transmission of nerve impulses. Calcium also aids in the absorption of many nutients. An easy to digest powerful combination. The 2:1 ratio formula supplies a daily dose of 1000mg of Calclium and 500mg of Magnesium for maximum Calcium absorption potential. Added Vitamin D enhances Calcium absorption into the body.


100 caplets





Here is a complete list of the OZ Diet;
-Daily Vitamin (split in half, half in the morning + half in the evening)
-Vitamin D 1000 iu
-Calcium + Magnesium
-DHA Omega 3
-Tomatoes (heated up with a little oil)
-Green Tea
-Acai Juice
-1 glass of red wine.


As always before starting any new diet program consult your local Health Care Professional.

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